One: I love my Khaleesi <3

Two: This is the last week that I planned over the summer but I effed up my powerpoints a bit so I spent three hours today remaking those and starting NEXT WEEK I have NOTHING planned and I’m freaking out because it took me three hours when I was just fixing stuff what do I do next week when I have to restart EVERYTHING from scratch and IDK.

Anyway, I’m going to take a break for a bit before I spend the rest of my night grading.

In other news, play practice starts next week and I don’t think I told tumblr but I’m the Head of the Stage Crew so that’s pretty cool. We’re doing The Wizard of Oz and I’m like… how do I build something to make the wicked witch melt with $0 for my budget and two 7th graders I coerced into joining stage crew?

Wow people, thank you! This means a lot, especially since I have been a dead beat for the past few months. Hopefully once I figure out school, I’ll be able to write more for you. <3

Thanks for hanging in there!

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One time my sister and I were fighting about her taking forever to get around to go to the mall to go school clothes shopping. She was pissed because I convinced my mom not to stop at the store (which she wanted to do) to get food before we left and I was pissed that she was pissed. So I texted my dad and said something like, “We didn’t stop at the store and now Amanda’s bitching even MORE” but I accidentally sent it to my sister instead of my dad and she was PISSED for about ten minutes (like crying) until we both realized how stupid I was and it was hilarious and the rest of the trip wasn’t bad.

So fast forward to today. We’re going to a fall festival a few towns over and she wants to go to the store. I haven’t said anything to her but my mom said “It doesn’t take that long. You don’t have to get food at the store we’re going to eat as soon as we get there.”

Amanda said, “It takes like 30 minutes to an HOUR to get there.”

And I yelled out to the kitchen, “It doesn’t take an hour! It’s way closer to thirty” (the town is the town after the school I teach at and it takes me 20 minutes to get to work). 




my firs tthought was to text my dad, but then I thought, omigod it would be hilarious if I texted her pretending that I was texting my dad, but she was pretty pissed so I didn’t want to fuel the flame.

Five minutes later I get a text message from her saying, “I said something and Tomi said I was wrong and now she’s bitching even more.”

And we looked at each other and burst out laughing.

ミ★ FanFic Author Question Time! A scene you're proud of? One scene where you cried/emotional while writing it. Favourite character in one story? favourite place? What're three things you'd say to your past-self just starting to write fanfiction? List three useful tips for fic authors everywhere. Do you have a discontinued fic you love? One fic you love to hate? What's one life-changing story you've read? and what's the weirdest? Name one kink and one squick. List your top three fic writers.

ミ★ FanFic Author Question Time!


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i just met with a financial adviser about retirement like ??? am i an adult now? since when?

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omg that’s so great!!! <3333 (not surprised kids love you tbh)

aww, thank you bby. i tried not to intimidate anyone, but at one point, i did give a class some of Sam Winchester’s bitchface because they were talking while I was trying to read the “contract.” At one point, I called it a syllabus because I’m so use to college and one kid said, “isn’t a syllabus a book?” and another kid said, “I’m pretty sure it’s just an outline of the class considering that’s what she just told us it was called and she has TWO degrees” cause apparently bragging about finishing my Masters two weeks ago really socres points with seventh graders. The whole thing is just cute. I had one boy for 4 out of 9 periods today and I started calling him my bff because we spend so much time together. Remind me of the good stories when I start complaining because I fell behind on my work haha

That’s wayyyy too cute. Both stories. Happy you had a good Back to School day!

I thought so too! Thanks! I’m actually really digging it. But now i’m passing out so I should probably go to sleep

So i don’t want to share a bunch of school stuff because I don’t want to bore you all with my personal life but these two things were just too awesome.

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wasn't the stripper scene where crowley offered cas drugs and cas was all like hell ye hell ye fuckin righ and began to strip and crowley had this stripper pole in his basement and cas started pole dancing and crowley was like shake it angel shake it yeee i got whatya need and cas was like hell ye big daddy, or was that just me???

um… no i’m like 99% sure that’s what happened.